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European Commission: eInvoicing Country Factsheets for each Member State & other countries

Update: October 1, 2023

  • Since April 2020, all public administrations in the EU comply with the European Standard on eInvoicing due to the implementation of the eInvoicing Directive 2014/55/EU.
  • The directive aimed to reduce trade barriers caused by different national legal requirements and technical standards for electronic invoicing.
  • The eInvoicing Country Factsheets provide information on each country’s policy framework, eInvoicing platform, approach for receiving and processing electronic invoices, monitoring of eInvoicing implementation, use of Core Invoicing Usage Specifications (CIUS), and Digital Reporting Requirements for VAT taxable persons.
  • These factsheets are regularly updated and vary in verification status. More information can be found at the bottom of the page and on the respective factsheet labels.
  • But … unfortunately, the factsheets have not been updated since July 2023 leaving us with missing recent updates on countries like Romania, France, Germany, …
  • For the latest updates on the implementation of E-Invoicing mandates, click HERE


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