ECJ C-703/19 – Dyrektor Izby Administracji Skarbowej w Katowicach vs. PL – Restaurant services and take away dishes

Source: (official link to background info not yet available) Does a “restaurant service” also include the sale of prepared dishes? Is it relevant to the first question how these dishes are prepared? Is it important for...

ECJ C-712/19 – Novo Banco vs. ES – Is the Spanish IDECA tax compatible with the VAT directive?

Source:  (official link to background info not yet available) Does the IDECA tax qualify as an indirect tax? If yes, is this tax  compatible with article 401 and Article 135 (1) (d) of the VAT directive?   Article 401 Without...

ECJ C-734/19 – ITH Comercial Timişoara vs RO – Input VAT recovery for goods/services no longer used beyond taxpayer’s control

Source: (official link with background info not available yet) For the first project, the applicant bought a piece of land on which it would construct a production hall for a producer of elevators. The producer would rent this for 10...

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If you’re interested in value added tax (VAT) and other indirect taxes, this website is for you. We bring you the latest news on VAT, IVA, consumption tax, GST, HST, PST Sales Tax and other indirect taxes from around the world. All day long, every day. Instead of going to a specific website of an advisory firm or newspaper, or waiting for a weekly or monthly newsletter, you can access the latest news with just a click of your mouse or a tap of your finger on your phone or tablet. offers you:

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In many cases, a VAT specialist is fairly alone in performing his job. Sometimes part of a broader tax department or finance team, but often an expert in a specific area, a VAT specialist mostly has limited possibilities for sparring with colleagues, challenging ideas and opinions and keeping up to date. And even the more experienced VAT specialists are focusing mostly on the VAT news that is relevant to them in their day-to-day activities. therefore is mostly suitable for:

  • VAT specialists, other tax specialists, accountants, consultants, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals and people who are interested in VAT;
  • The site is used by in-house specialists, advisors, universities and public authorities. offers the possibility to keep up-to-date in just 5 minutes per day. The website shows the headlines of the latest VAT news from around the world at a glance, on the front page. Because it covers news from more than 80 different sources, and from all countries in the world, you're always sure that you capture everything. And you can click through to the sources to read more.

Why offers free news on indirect taxation around the world. The search function, categories and tags enable you to create your own selection of news articles. And we always put the latest news at the top of your screen so that you won’t miss the most recent hot topics.

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What can do for me? is a capable partner for preparing newsletters for businesses and advisory firms. We have knowledge of and expertise with not only the technical details and background of VAT rules and case law, but also with the practical interpretation and consequences. What we offer is:

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The founders of this website are also the chief editors: Kelvin Hulsebos and Bas de Koning. We are energetic about collecting and publishing information about VAT. Having multiple decades of experience as tax advisor for Big-4 firms, in-house VAT specialist at large multinationals and independent freelance VAT manager, we are able to bring you relevant news, from sources that are trustworthy, and with a solid tax technical basis. was initially started to fulfil our own personal needs and interests. The collection of news from different sources and storing it online made it easier to search for specific topics and countries and to compare different sources. We experienced that it can be difficult to find up-to-date information about indirect taxation at a single, centralized spot. And we wanted to share that with the global VAT community. What started as a 'hobby', is now the best source of VAT information on the web.

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