VATupdate Newsletter Week 21 2021

Another week with a public holiday in it – So much work and only 4 working days to do it in. The VATupdate Team works every day (including weekends and holidays) to bring you the latest VAT news from around the world. We hope you like and appreciate it.

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Although Corona is still all around us, we see some light at the end of the tunnel. Fitness centres are open, terraces can be visited, and with a little luck we can visit events again this summer. Not sure if there is a connection, but we see that there are also more job openings for VAT people. Of course that can also be caused by the ever increasing requirements set by governments to collect and provide more and more information and data, preferably real-time. It has been said often: VAT people are growing to become IT and ERP system specialists besides ‘just’ VAT specialists. Personally, I continue to believe that the real basis is still the VAT rules and regulations, and the translation of those into decisions that must be made by people, processes and systems, and not the other way around. But please sent us a message on LinkedIn or by email if you have a different opinion.

Are there any strange things this week? I saw an interesting post on the taxation of cycleboats in the US. The question was raised if the sales of tickets for these cycleboats were subject to local tax and/or state sales tax. The cylceboats are compared to sightseeing tours of local sites, breweries and restaurants with a tour host who points out locations of interest and answers questions. Which, apparently, is not the case.

Floating in a cycleboat seems to be a good way of spending the weekend, especially if the weather is nice. And it’s tax free!

Have a great day!