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Global overview of future e-invoicing, e-filing and real time reporting – upcoming changes (status Jan 2, 2021)

E-Invoicing has been a tool implemented already by many countries to digitize and automate processes as well as fighting VAT fraud.

With the COVID-19 pandemie, few countries who planned digitalization of their processes as .e.g. mandatory e-invoicing have postponed their plans.

Further expansion of E-Invoicing, Real Time Reporting, etc may be one of the measures that countries may be taken as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Wait and see …..

Australia Plans to become e-invoicing ready by July 1, 2022 Link
Albania Draft: Mandatory e-invoicing As of Jan 1, 2021 Link
Chile Mandatory B2C E-invoicing 2021 Link
China Nationwide special fapiao e-invoice End of 2020 Link
Colombia DIAN issues new regulations on electronic invoicing Nov 1, 2020 (gradually) Link
Egypt Mandatory e-invoicing via clearance mandate As of Nov 15, 2020 Link
European Union B2G e-invoicing – overview across EU 2020 Link
France Mandatory B2B E-invoicing/Real Time Reporting 2023-2025 Link
Greece MyData (E-books) As of Jun 1, 2020 Link
Guatemala Expansion FEL e-Invoicing System for Public Suppliers April 1, 2021 Link
Hungary Online Invoice system (RTIR 3.0). Businesses are required to report B2C, intra-community and export invoices Jan 1, 2021 Link
India Taxpayers with a threshold of 100 Cr rupees or more must implement e-invoicing Jan 1, 2021 Link
Italy Obligatory use of the new electronic invoice format  
Italy Extension of the E-invoicing system to cross-border invoices Jan 1, 2022 Link
Japan Qualified Invoice System 2023 Link
Norway SAF-T digital filing replaces VAT return 2022 2022 Link
Peru Changes to Requirements for Issuing Electronic Invoices, Credit Notes, and Payment Receipts April 1, 2021 LInk
Philippines Pilot Launch of e-invoicing Jan 1, 2022 Link
Poland Rollout of B2B electronic invoices for VAT clearance (according to Italian SDI model) during 2021? During 2021 Link
Portugal B2G E-invoicing as of Jan 1, 2021. All invoices must include the QR code. Jan 1, 2021 Link
Portugal The deadline for entities not established in but registered for value added tax (VAT) purposes in Portugal regarding the requirement to issue invoices by means of certified invoicing software has been postponed to 1 July 2021. July 1, 2021  
Saudi Arabia B2B E-invoicing mandatory as of Dec 4, 2021 Dec 4, 2021 Link
Serbia Mandatory E-Invoicing July 1, 2021 or Jan 1, 2022 Link
Singapore Singapore Encourages the Use of E-Invoicing With Peppol Link
Spain Changes to SII system Jan 1, 2021 Link
Taiwan Any company foreign or national must invoice electronically Jan 1, 2021 Link
Turkey E-invoice system and e-arşiv invoices became mandatory for businesses with a year-end turnover of TRY 5 million and above Before July 1, 2021 Link
Vietnam Vietnam prepares to roll out e-invoicing for all businesses July 22 Link
United Kingdom The 9 Box VAT return message must be issued electronically April 1, 2021 Link
United Kingdom Extension of MTD to all taxpayers 2022 Link
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