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In the ever-evolving tax landscape, brand new company RTC – Designed for Clearance, has been founded with a singular vision: to craft a streamlined platform that allows multinational companies to seamlessly manage their compliance needs. With a global presence across Europe to Middle East with its offices in France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, and Turkey; as well as partners spanning continents, we offer exceptional expertise in tax transformation. Our cloud-based platform RTC Suite ensures seamless tax compliance, integrating effortlessly with any ERP, billing systems or IOT devices. RTC’s unified cockpit consolidates all you need, allowing you to select countries and generate reports from one streamlined, user-friendly data-centric dashboard.

AVASK are an international firm of global growth experts. We are a group of indirect tax advisors and accountants with a well-reputed specialism in global e-commerce expansion, business consultancy and advisory services. AVASK work with the most outstanding and proactive professionals to deliver excellent value for more than 10,000 entrepreneurs and companies across the world. We have a presence in the UK, Europe, the USA, UAE, China and Australia and our collective eyes are set on the horizon looking for new marketplaces and opportunities to enhance and enable our clients’ businesses to flourish and grow.

The E-Invoicing Exchange Summits provide platforms to get in-depth information about recent developments and future trends in E-Invoicing, Procurement, Payment and beyond. Participants benefit from cutting edge keynote speeches, panels and round tables covering topics like global interoperability, blockchain, artificial intelligence, public procurement and many more. Providing great networking opportunities is a priority at the E-Invoicing Exchange Summits.

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Itax4apps bridges the indirect tax gap between Oracle ERP software and your regulatory and business requirements. Based on nearly twenty years of tax and software development experience, itax4apps can tackle any indirect tax issue you may have. What really sets us apart is our top-down approach as the desired outcome is presented first (high level), followed by a top-down approach using drilldowns. With full insight into and control of the entire process, you can say goodbye to troubled faces and coffee IVs.

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Zampa Debattista is a Malta-based company specializing in VAT. Our VAT specialists can offer a wide range of services including tailor-made VAT advisory services, representation in VAT court cases, VAT compliance services, as well as assisting with yacht and aircraft leasing structures. With a wealth of experience in various industries, including the gaming, financial services and yachting industries, Zampa Debattista is well-equipped to provide guidance on all VAT-related matters.

Digitalization has a substantial impact on tax compliance and regulatory reporting. New digital approaches and tools are constantly being added by different country regulations. SNI is a Computer Technology Corporation focused on Tax Compliance and Regulatory Reporting software such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Delivery, SAF-T, SII and similar interfaces & technologies.We provide integrated, end to end software solutions that helps companies to adopt on time with minimum risk & cost.



Axway is a pioneering leader in enterprise data integration for more than 20 years. Today Axway helps more than 11,000 customers digitally transform and drive growth. Amplify allows our customers to manage APIs across teams, vendor solutions, and cloud environments. MFT empowers users with API-driven file transfer self-service without compromising control and security. Customers use B2B Integration to respond faster to evolving business demands by streamlining EDI, APIs, VAN, e-invoicing, and other types of business networks. Part of B2B Integration, Axway eInvoicing allows customers to handle invoicing globally. Built on standards, and always up-to-date, it offers efficiency and cost advantages to companies everywhere by making invoicing 100% digital.

Established in 1938, the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) is the world’s foremost authority on cross-border taxation, the home of international taxation. IBFD is a unique centre of expertise offering high-quality information and education on International Tax.
IBFD’s powerful research platform allows tax practitioners around the world to access this valuable content, on which they can rely to do their work faster and more effectively. IBFD is the pre-eminent independent (non-profit) foundation with the ultimate goal to promote and disseminate the understanding of cross-border taxation at the highest level.

EDICOM is a global technology provider specialized in data integration (iPaaS), e-Invoicing and e-Reporting. We can help you manage all your B2B and B2G transactions in compliance with local legislations in more than 80 countries. We act as Peppol Access Point worldwide and also offer a long-term electronic archiving service as an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider.

Created in 2000, EASYTAX is a VAT tax representative for international companies in various sectors of activity – e-commerce, events, yachting, construction, logistics, trade, etc. EASYTAX provides companies – SMEs or multinationals expanding internationally – with dedicated VAT expertise and outsourced management services to fulfil their VAT obligations in a simple, secure and efficient manner throughout the European Union and beyond.


Pagero provides a Smart Business Network that connects buyers and sellers for automated, compliant, and secure exchange of orders, invoices, payment instructions and other business documents. By connecting to the Pagero Network, you will comply with local e-invoicing and CTC regulations in over 70 countries and reach millions of companies on hundreds of networks and platforms worldwide.

At Fonoa, we are transforming how digital-first companies stay tax compliant. We provide simple and modular API solutions that easily integrate into any existing workflow. Through our technology first approach, we reduce manual processes, increase compliance and reduce the cost of operations when transacting and scaling internationally. Fonoa streamlines the entire transactional chain so businesses can scale in a digital, borderless economy. Automate tax determination, minimize risk, and easily handle local tax compliance – all from one intuitive platform.

Taxback has been a world leader in VAT compliance, reclaim, consultancy, and tax technology for more than 25 years. Our newest VAT technology Comply was developed to help businesses successfully navigate evolving global digital VAT processes while removing complex manual reporting workflows and eliminating non-compliant reporting. This tax technology simplifies the VAT compliance processes by automating the preparation and formatting of VAT returns. Comply offers clients greater data insights, eliminates submission errors, and saves on compliance costs. Through an interactive global dashboard, clients gain understandable and instructive visibility over their tax obligations across multiple entities and multiple sources.

Founded in 2012, we’ve grown from humble beginnings to become one of the world’s most recognisable names in tax technology, implementing automated tax solutions for over 100 global organisations.We’re headquartered in Bognor Regis on the south coast of England – and we also have offices in Wales, India, the US and the UAE. Our Tax Technology Practice (TTP) is the ultimate one-stop-shop for tax professionals. We’re committed to ensuring your new tax control framework is integrated and configured for optimum performance.

Sovos was built to solve the complexities of the digital transformation of tax, with complete, connected offerings for tax determination, continuous transaction controls, tax reporting and more. Sovos customers include half the Fortune 500, as well as businesses of every size operating in more than 70 countries. The company’s SaaS products and proprietary Sovos S1 Platform integrate with a wide variety of business applications and government compliance processes. Sovos has employees throughout the Americas and Europe, and is owned by Hg and TA Associates. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

VAT Consult is your partner in all VAT related matters. We are a boutique firm of seasoned tax consultants with (more than) 100 years of experience combined, working in a lean, streamlined organization. Our mission is to help clients to address and navigate their VAT challenges. We do this by leveraging our deep VAT knowledge, broad experience in various industries and our excellent worldwide network. VAT Consult approaches every project with common sense, dedication, and the desire to add value.

Global VAT Compliance BV (GVC) is an independent company, founded in 2010 by a group of former Deloitte professionals. GVC operates from a front office in The Hague in the Netherlands and a back-office in Davao in the Philippines and now employs 90+ professionals with 20 different nationalities. With mytaxflow® our state-of-the-art cloud-based workflow system and our specialized professionals we deliver high quality all inclusive services, so our customers can focus on growing their international businesses.

Vertex delivers comprehensive tax solutions that enable global businesses to transact, comply and grow with confidence. Companies with complex tax operations rely on Vertex to automate their end-to-end indirect tax processes. Indirect tax is the largest corporate tax category, encompassing sales tax, seller’s use tax, consumer use tax and value-added tax, among others.

Flynth has been the most trusted business partner for Dutch small and medium-sized businesses for almost 100 years. Flynth assists entrepreneurs with financial services in a broad sense. With a wide variety of clients and a nationwide network of locations, Flynth is a major player in the consultancy and accountancy world. Flynth is sixth in terms of revenue and the undisputed number 1 in SME services.

Less Grey is established in the Netherlands and has two partners with many years of VAT experience. As VAT specialist firm, Less Grey delivers high quality VAT advice with a clear and no-nonsense approach. Advice, Compliance and Refunds: the complete package is available. VAT is not just our job, it is our passion. We see the world through VAT spectacles: transactions and day-to-day agreements and processes all have a VAT aspect!

VAT IT has been involved in the cross-border VAT reclaim industry for over 20 years. It has evolved into the leading provider of VAT recovery services internationally. VAT IT offers a full, end-to-end Foreign & Domestic VAT reclaim solution to over 14,000 companies in over 117 different countries. Our tailor-made service and industry-leading technology are designed to maximize your Foreign & Domestic VAT savings. VAT IT has a purpose-built AI solution that utilises OCR and machine learning to capture and compliance check business related invoices for input VAT recovery.