Austria is one of the 27 Member States of the European Union.

Basic VAT Facts

Standard VAT Rate 20%  
Reduced VAT Rate 10% Applicable to specific goods and services only
Special Reduced VAT Rate 13% Applicable to specific goods and services only
Zero-rate 0% Applicable to intra-Community supplies, Export supplies, and specific domestic supplies of goods and services
Domestic Reverse Charge No / Yes 1. Domestic supplies of goods by non-resident businesses subject to special withholding scheme where supplier charges VAT, but VAT is paid directly to tax authorities by customer
2. Supplies of specific goods (e.g. IT products)
3. (Sub-)contractng work
Postponed Accounting on Import Yes Only with so-called Article 23-license
Standard VAT Reporting Quarterly
(calendar quarter)
VAT Returns must be submitted electronically, using 'e-recognition' logging onto the Tax Authorities' Portal, or using specific software
Link to VAT Law HERE  

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VAT news
VAT news