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National Assembly Finance Committee chairman: Proposal to Reduce VAT in 2024

  • National Assembly Finance Committee chairman Kuria Kimani is considering reducing the rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the next financial year’s revenue-raising plan
  • There is pressure from East African Community member states for a uniform VAT rate of 18%
  • Kimani suggests that reducing VAT could lead to lower prices of goods and incentivize the market
  • The government may not deviate significantly from current tax measures in the upcoming Finance Bill
  • The aim is to achieve an optimum tax rate that generates good revenue without affecting the disposable income of Kenyans
  • Since 2003, Kenyans have paid 16% VAT on goods and services, down from 18% before then
  • The National Treasury is considering reducing corporate tax and reviewing excise duty on petroleum products to boost revenue collection.


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