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Kenya Extends the Grace Period Until 31st March 2024

  • The legal basis for electronic invoicing in Kenya is provided by the VAT Act of 2013, the VAT (Electronic Tax Invoice) Regulations of 2020, and the Finance Act of 2023.
  • The Tax Invoice Management System (TIMS) is the designated e-invoicing system in Kenya, requiring all businesses to report transactions to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in real-time. TIMS integrates trader systems with iTax to validate and authenticate tax invoices before their generation and real-time transmission to KRA.
  • Electronic tax invoices are generated from compliant Electronic Tax Registers (ETRs) that can validate invoice data and generate a unique QR code for each invoice. The electronic tax invoices are transmitted to KRA over the internet in real-time or near real-time. The invoice data format is JSON, and invoices must include a digital signature and be archived for 5 years. Taxpayers must be onboarded onto eTIMS by September 1, 2023, and starting from January 1, 2024, income expenditure or loss will not be deductible if invoices are not generated from an electronic tax invoicing system.

Source SNI

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