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Bahamas Implements New Tax on Cruise Line Private Islands, Impacting Passengers and Industry

  • The Bahamian government will impose a Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services at cruise line private islands.
  • The new tax reform ends a nine-year VAT exemption and affects major cruise lines.
  • The VAT rate will be 10% on all passenger transactions.
  • Notable destinations like Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay and Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Cay will be affected.
  • The government aims to place cruise line private island activities on equal footing with local businesses.
  • Cruise lines must register for VAT if they own a private island or surpass $100,000 in annual taxable sales.
  • The VAT will apply to a wide range of services, including food and beverage offerings, recreational activities, equipment rentals, and spa services.
  • Cabana rentals, shore excursions, and recreational activities supplied by Bahamian vendors to cruise passengers will also attract VAT.
  • The cruise industry has until February 16 to provide feedback on the VAT changes.
  • The VAT implementation is expected to increase cruise lines’ operational costs and may affect customer pricing.


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