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CDC and GST Vouchers 2023: Everything You Need To Know and How Much You’ll Get

  • Singaporeans will receive up to S$800 worth of cash vouchers in December 2023 as part of the Assurance Package payouts to offset the increasing costs of living
  • About 2.9 million Singaporeans will benefit from this round of payouts
  • Eligible Singaporeans are encouraged to link their NRICs to PayNow by 19 Nov 2023 to receive their cash voucher as early as 5 Dec 2023
  • In August 2023, 1.5 million Singaporeans will receive up to a total of S$700 in GST Vouchers in the form of cash
  • 624,000 eligible Singaporean adults aged 65 and above in 2023 will also receive up to S$450 in MediSave Top Ups
  • Another round of CDC vouchers will be paid out to Singaporean households on 3 January 2023
  • Eligible HDB households will receive an additional GST voucher (GSTV) – U-Save rebate under the Assurance Package
  • The government has also announced a GSTV
  • S&CC Rebate that will be included under the permanent GST Voucher scheme
  • In December 2022, the Singapore government announced a S$6 billion Assurance Package (AP) to cushion the effects of the upcoming increase in GST
  • In October 2022, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong announced a S$1.5 billion support package to provide aid to Singaporeans for rising inflation


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