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EU Delays Overhaul of Tourism Operators VAT in TOMS Scheme Until 2024

  • The EU’s review of the tourism VAT regime has been delayed until at least 2024.
  • The review aims to update the 40-year-old scheme to reflect modern online buying, intra-EU transport, and the effects of Brexit.
  • The review is part of the EU Tax Action Package reforms announced in 2020.
  • The review is considering reforms to the special scheme for travel agents, VAT rules on passenger transport, and the exemption on the supply of goods to non-EU travelers.
  • The Tour Operators Margin Scheme (TOMS), introduced in 1977, treats all pan-EU transactions made by a tour operator as a single supply in their country of residence.
  • TOMS reduces the obligation for tour operators to VAT register in all EU states where they are buying and reselling holiday services.
  • Issues with TOMS include unfair competitive advantage for non-EU operators, distortions in B2B travel, and varying applications of the rules by member states.


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