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Cabo Verde Opposition Calls for Reduction in VAT on Tourism to Boost Economy

  • The largest opposition party in Cabo Verde, PAICV, is calling for a reduction in the VAT rate on tourism from 15% to 10%.
  • The party also proposes a wage increase for all professional categories, an increase in the minimum wage, and an increase in social pensions and minimum pensions.
  • They also want a reduction in the tax burden for companies and an increase in the minimum exemption for salaries.
  • The PAICV expects the prime minister to be open to their proposals for the state budget bill.
  • The 2024 state budget bill is criticized for being unrealistic, untransparent, and penalizing the middle class.
  • The ruling party defends the budget, stating that it is the biggest and most ambitious in the country’s history and designed to face uncertain times.
  • The budget is said to reflect the government’s strategic vision and aim for well-being and stability for all citizens.
  • The opposition party UCID criticizes the budget for not solving major problems in sectors like transport and calls for increased salaries and meeting the minimum wage.
  • The 2024 State Budget bill amounts to 86 billion escudos and forecasts growth, inflation, deficit, and public debt percentages.
  • The government aims for a reduction in the unemployment rate and an increase in the minimum wage.


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