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Navigating Global Tax Compliance for Digital Services

In the digital era, businesses aren’t confined to borders. Companies providing electronic services are a perfect example, as they leverage technology to deliver intangible products or services to a global customer base. However, this international scope brings with it a complex array of tax compliance challenges, with Value Added Tax (VAT) at the forefront. Over 140 countries have implemented rules for VAT on electronic services, presenting unique obstacles for these digital service companies.

  • How are Digital Service Companies different?
  • What are the common tax challenges Digital Service Companies face?
    • VAT registration and compliance
    • Determining the place of supply
    • VAT rates and exemptions
    • VAT OSS scheme (EU)
    • VAT invoicing and reporting requirements
    • VAT input tax recovery
  • How do Digital Services Companies overcome these common challenges?
    • Engage tax professionals
    • Use VAT compliance software
    • Stay informed about changes
    • Implement robust record-keeping systems
    • Leverage the VAT OSS scheme (EU)
    • Monitor VAT recovery opportunities


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