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Press release: Digital and simplified VAT refund process for special regime farmers

IAPR: Digital and simplified VAT refund procedure to farmers of the special scheme



By decision of the Governor of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, George Pitsilis, the procedure for refunding VAT to farmers under a special scheme is reformed.


From 2/5/2023 onwards, almost 100,000 applications per year can now be submitted digitally to the myBusinessSupport platform, for the flat-rate refund of the VAT they have been charged on the goods and services they received.


In order to calculate the right to a VAT refund, farmers of the special scheme do not need to present their relevant sales documents to the Tax Authorities , as these are automatically extracted from the myDATA platform.


With the Decision, the process of returns is modernized with:


  • Extension of the period for which a refund may be requested
  • speeding up and simplifying the payment of the repayable amount, by crediting to the account of the beneficiaries every fortnight


It is reminded that for the payment of the refund it is necessary that the beneficiaries have declared the IBAN account they maintain,  in the myAADE digital portal (, in the option “Register & Contact”.


It is clarified that for applications submitted in 2023, it is possible to register the tax information of 2022 by the farmer of the special scheme himself, for those documents that have not been transmitted to myDATA.


In view of the implementation of the new digital procedure on 2/5/2023, handwritten VAT refund applications that may have been submitted since 1.3.2023 to the Tax Authorities by  farmers of the special scheme or by cooperative organizations, are resubmitted in accordance with the new procedure, in order to process them faster.


“The new digital process we are introducing is practical proof that we stand by the productive teams of the country, simplifying their transactions with the AADE”, said Mr. Pitsilis.

Source: AADE


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