QR Code in Base64 encoding for KSA E-Invoicing

As per Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) of Saudi Arabia, one of the main requirements is the implementation of QR codes on tax invoices in the e-invoicing project (Fatoora), which will be mandatory starting December 4, 2021

As per the ZATCA instructions(Page No. 23), the minimum requirements that must be shown after scanning a QR code are the following fields, which should be represented in form of based64 encoding:

  1. Seller’s name.
  2. VAT registration number of the seller.
  3. Time stamp of the invoice (date and time).
  4. Invoice total (with VAT).
  5. VAT total.

In this blog,  I will show how to encode the QR data in base64 format using ABAP and then using it in SAPScript/SmartForms to print QR code on Invoice layouts.