Australian Tax Office offers help with GST assurance reviews

If you’re undergoing a Top 100 or Top 1000 GST assurance review, we have four new pieces of guidance to help.

The GST analytical Tool (GAT) is one of the tools we use to obtain greater assurance that Top 100 and Top 1000 taxpayers are paying the right amount of GST.

Our frequently asked questions about the GAT will help you apply the GAT as part of your review.

To help you set out the analysis from applying the GAT, we’ve published two examples to show you how, one for Top 100 taxpayers and one for Top 1,000 taxpayers.

If you are engaging the services of a third-party advisor to undertake independent data testing for your GST assurance review, our Guide to Independent Data Testing by Third Party Advisors will help.

Source: ATO


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