The advantages of real-time reporting through the eyes of the experts

Real-time reporting is picking up pace in more and more countries in order to reduce VAT fraud and increase compliance. In our previous blog posts, we have highlighted many benefits of real-time reporting for businesses and tax authorities. This time, we want to take a different approach: we ask VAT experts.

Through our VAT talks, we have collected an incredible amount of precious information on real-time reporting developments, ways of implementation, its benefits and its weaknesses. After our first episode where we discussed the VAT experts’ view on confidentiality, we now publish our second knowledge sharing episode: an analysis of the advantages of real-time reporting based on the VAT talks interviews we had with VAT experts from all around the world.

First, we will analyse the advantages of real-time reporting from a business perspective, calling on stage Vinicius Pimental de Freitas and Andrea Parolini. Then, we will shift our perspective and talk about the improvements for tax authorities, based on the experiences of Raul Zambrano and Charles de Wet. Fasten your seatbelt, the journey has started!




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