Vienna Multi-Stakeholder Group on VAT and Disputes

A neglect issue in the area of disputes relates to disputes which arise in the area of VAT/GST. With the spread of these taxes, more than 160 countries now have them, an increasing number of companies are encountering cross-border disputes especially in regards to characterisation of goods and service, lace of supply and consumption and VAT refunds. Unlike direct taxes there are no well established mechanisms to resolve these issues. WU GTPC has created a small multistakeholder group to establish why VAT disputes arise, how they are resolved in practice and what new dispute minimization and resolution mechanism can be put in place. More information on this sub-group is available here.

The multistakeholder initiative is currently working on a questionnaire to collect data from businesses, business federations, tax administrations, academia, judges and other experts to obtain better insights
into the root causes with the goal of suggesting solutions for dispute prevention and resolving crossborder VAT/GST disputes and the outcomes will feed into the current EU initiative.

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