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Saudi Customs launches new procedures for individual importers of tobacco products

The KSA Customs authorities has issued a Circular outlining the procedure and mechanism on the import of tobacco products by the individuals either in their baggage or via parcel.  The Individuals would be allowed to import a total of 2,400 cigarettes or a consignment of 125 cigars and two kilograms of shisha products or its equivalent of other tobacco products every three months. Custom duties along with Excise tax and VAT will be collected upon the import of these goods in KSA

With respect to individual travelers, they can carry a maximum of 200 cigarettes or 500 grams of other types of tobacco to be within the exemption limits.  Any excess quantity carried by the traveler than the prescribed limits, taxes and duties would be collected on the entire quantity.

In the event of seizure of more than permissible quantities, the individual importer/ traveler would be required to return them to their source.


Contribution by Satish Sarda


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