Global overview of future e-invoicing, e-filing and real time reporting

Australia and New Zealand (A-NZ) have jointly announced the adoption of the Peppol framework for e-invoicing. Link
Albania Draft: Mandatory e-invoicing Jan 1, 2021 Link
Egypt Mandatory E-filing Jan 1, 2020 Link
France Draft: Mandatory B2B E-invoicing 2023-2025 Link
Greece Draft: MyData/Mandatory E-Invoicing During 2020 (?) Link Link
Guatemala Small taxpayers must deliver electronic invoices Jan 1, 2020 Link
India Mandatory e-invoicing April 1, 2020 Link Link
Kyrgyzstan Mandatory e-invoicing Jan 1, 2020 Link
Philippines Draft: E-invoicing Jan 1, 2022 Link
Poland  VAT returns (forms VAT-7 and VAT-7K) and JPK_VAT files are to be replaced with one single JPK document. Consequently, Polish VAT taxpayers will not submit VAT returns, instead, one single JPK file will be submitted electronically (so called JPK_VDEK) April 1, 2020 Link
Portugal Live invoice reporting Jan 1, 2021 Link
Portugal Mandatory B2G E-invoicing April 18, 2020 Link
Turkey Introduction fo e-filing (Jan 1, 2020) and extension of mandatory e-invoicing (July 1, 2020) Link
Uzbekistan Mandatory e-invoicing Jan 1, 2020 Link



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