EC proposal to implement Central Electronic System of Payments (CESOP) (proposal made in Dec 2018)

Proposal already made in December 2018 to combat fraud.

CESOP is one of the tools to combat fraud mentioned by the European Commission during the Fiscalis meeting ”VAT in the Digital Age” on Dec 6, 2019 in Brussels.

The proposal sets up a new central electronic system for the storage of the payment information and for the further processing of this information by anti-fraud officials in the Member States within the Eurofisc framework.

Data that will be collected:

  • Name of the payee
  • VAT/Tax ID payee (if available)
  • IBAN payee or identifier
  • Adress payee
  • Date & time
  • Amount and currency
  • MS of origin
  • Transaction ID
  • Payment instrument

Source European Commission


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