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2015 Croatian VAT compliance changes | Meridian

2015 Croatian VAT compliance changes | Meridian.

A number of VAT compliance changes will be introduced in Croatia in 2015. These will include:

  1. Cash-based accounting – Instead of offering accruals accounting, Croatia will offer cash-based accounting. Businesses will pay or charge VAT when there is a case/bank settlement of an invoice. Companies with an annual turnover below HRK 3m can request to be apart of this new regime.
  2. VAT on immovable property – In order to be more in line with the EU VAT directive, the supply of building will become VAT exempt.
  3. 2015 MOSS changes – From 1 January 2015, when supplying electronic, broadcast or telecoms service, it will be the   Croatian taxable supplier’s responsibility to charge VAT, as opposed to the Croatian VAT rate being charged.



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