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Canada – GST closely related group elections | KPMG | GLOBAL

Canada – GST closely related group elections | KPMG | GLOBAL.

October 29:  Canadian companies may soon have to start filing closely related group elections with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Currently, qualifying corporations and partnerships that use this election that relieves GST/HST on most transaction between the electing parties do not have to file the form with the CRA.

Organizations that have made, or are planning to make such elections, need to conduct a review to determine that all required conditions are satisfied before the filing deadline. Now that the elections must be filed, any errors in such elections may be exposed and could raise potential audit issues with the CRA.

The deadline to file the election form varies depending on whether a new election is made after 2014 or whether the election was in place before 2015.

Read an October 2014 report prepared by the KPMG member firm in Canada: Action Required — Review New GST Closely Related Group Election Rules


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