Revenue Extends Temporary VAT Zero-Rated Treatment to Certain Sanitary Products

This concessional treatment will apply from 9 April 2020 up to 31 October 2020, subject to review.

5 quick wins for optimum VAT refunds

Every year international companies lose their right to reclaim 10 billion euros of foreign vat. Simply because their documents are not compliant. Don’t be one of them! Read these 5 quick wins.
Source: VAT4U NL(in Dutch)

Update on VAT developments (July 2020)

This article provides an overview of the new “IT tax maneuver” law designed to promote the information technology (IT) sector in Russia by offering VAT and other tax incentives, and highlights further recent VAT announcements by the Russian Ministry...

VAT centralization rules updated

Under Indonesia’s general rule, a VAT-able entrepreneur (PKP) carrying out business activities in Indonesia through business units located in multiple jurisdictions under different tax offices has to register each business unit with its...

Clarification: Incoterms not relevant for import VAT recovery

So far, Section 15.8 Paragraph 4 Clauses 1 and 2 regulates that the company is imported if the entrepreneur clears the imported item domestically for release for free circulation and afterwards within the scope of his entrepreneurial activity for...

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