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Poland 2026 KSeF Data Security Challenge: Ombudsman and Tax Authority Address Concerns

  • Polish entrepreneurs have raised concerns about data security and GDPR compliance with the implementation of the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) in 2026
  • The KSeF system aims to streamline invoice issuance but has faced issues with IT architecture, leading to a delay in implementation
  • The obligation to use KSeF will apply to taxpayers with sales over PLN 200 million from February 2026 and to all entrepreneurs from April 2026
  • Businesses fear that centralized sensitive trade data in KSeF could compromise confidentiality and violate GDPR and privacy rights
  • The Ombudsman has challenged the National Tax Administration on the risks posed by consolidating sensitive business data and requested clarifications on data collection and security measures to protect privacy and fair competition.


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