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Government Removes VAT on Potato, Onion, and Perishable Food Items to Boost Domestic Production

  • Government has made changes in tax rates of different goods and commodities
  • Import fees and excise duty reduced on raw materials of various products
  • VAT exemption removed on potato, onion, apple, and other vegetables and fruits
  • Excise duty rate increased on liquor, beer, tobacco, and cigarettes
  • Threshold for VAT registration increased to Rs 3 million
  • Green tax imposed on import of petroleum products and coal
  • Import tax and excise duty increased on some readymade goods for protection of domestic industries
  • Income tax on bank interest payments decreased to attract foreign capital
  • Plans to develop agreement to end dual tax system for foreign investment
  • Exemption on dividend tax for information technology-based industries
  • Customs duty reduced to one percent for import of steel milk cans for animal farms and industries


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