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E-Invoicing Evolution: Insights and Implementation Timelines Worldwide

  • An online webinar by EY titled “How e-Invoicing Should be Both Local and Global” provided an overview of e-invoicing updates worldwide, with insights from experts in countries like Romania, France, and Malaysia.
  • The webinar highlighted timelines for e-invoicing implementation in different countries. In 2024, countries such as Romania, Greece, Bolivia, Ghana, Australia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Philippines, and Malaysia are set to implement e-invoicing. In 2025, countries like Israel, Singapore, Uruguay, Australia, Latvia, Spain, and Germany will follow suit.
  • The webinar also focused on the e-invoicing initiatives in Malaysia, where the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRBM) have signed an MoU. Key points discussed included invoice formats, transaction types, unique identifiers, self-billing options, transmission mechanisms, and real-time validation by the IRBM. Romania’s e-invoicing and e-reporting systems were also discussed, highlighting timelines, requirements, and integration processes.

Source Duygu Gürel

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