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Tax obligations on VAT for sublease rent of state or communal land plots

  • Tax obligations for VAT arise when receiving rent for sublease agreements of state or municipal land plots
  • According to Ukrainian law, landlords of state-owned land plots are executive authorities, while landlords of municipal land plots are local councils
  • Tenants of land plots have the right to possess and use the land according to lease agreements
  • Land users are subject to paying rent for state or municipal land plots under lease agreements
  • Transactions for leasing (subleasing) state or municipal land plots are exempt from VAT if payments are made directly to the relevant budget accounts
  • Subleasing of land plots is allowed without changing the purpose if agreed upon in the lease contract or with written consent from the landlord
  • Rent for sublease agreements of state or municipal land plots is considered a service transaction subject to VAT
  • Rent payments for sublease agreements are not directly transferred to the budget but are credited to the taxpayer’s bank account and are subject to a 20% VAT tax rate.


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