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Specifications update for PINT-SG

Singapore has released the new Peppol Interoperability Naming and Technical Standard Singapore (PINT-SG) Specification and announced its implementation timeline. The Peppol PINT-SG BIS Billing general data model’s first version introduces features distinct from SG BIS Billing 3.0, including optional element designed to capture the issued time and enabling referencing multiple PO numbers to the item line. The implementation schedule includes a phase in from July 2023, solution uplift in February 2024, switch over in January 2025, and phase out from March to July 2025. In 2024, all AP are mandated to upgrade to support PINT between February and October, while all SPs and Companies will be updated to support PINT between February and December. PINT receiving capability update begins as each connection is upgraded with bulk upgrades for solution providers, and domestic PINT transaction can optionally begin if agreed between parties. In 2025, PINT becomes mandatory between January and March, with SG BIS 3.0 beginning to be removed from the network from March 2025.

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