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Discussions on Implementation of Polish e-Invoicing System (KSeF) to Begin Soon

  • The implementation of the Polish national e-invoicing system (KSeF) is currently delayed.
  • The Polish Ministry of Finance will release a schedule of consultations to discuss the functionality and legal solutions of KSeF on 9th February 2024.
  • Responses to questions about the system will be published at the same time, with a new implementation date expected to be announced in April or May.
  • Training on the use of KSeF will be offered to impacted companies, including Polish established companies and foreign companies with a fixed establishment for VAT in Poland.
  • The training will cover practical aspects and the use of free software, and hotline support will be available.
  • The Ministry has emphasized that KSeF will be implemented to combat VAT fraud, and taxpayers will need to wait for the new introduction date.


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