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Senate Bill Proposes 12% VAT on Digital Transactions, Including Foreign Online Marketplaces

  • Senate bill seeks to impose a 12% VAT on digital transactions
  • Nonresident foreign online marketplaces with customers in the Philippines will be included in the tax
  • Nonresident electronic marketplaces will be required to withhold and remit VAT on transactions with buyers in the Philippines
  • Foreign online streaming platforms with subscribers in the Philippines currently do not pay 12% VAT
  • The tax measure is expected to bring in P83.8 billion in revenue from 2024 to 2028
  • Online courses, seminars, and training programs by accredited private educational institutions are exempt from the VAT
  • A “reverse charge mechanism” will make the recipient of goods or services liable to pay the VAT instead of the provider
  • The Commissioner of Internal Revenue can order the blocking or suspension of digital providers who do not pay the VAT
  • The House of Representatives approved a similar measure in November 2022
  • The goal is to create a level playing field for digital service providers in terms of tax policies.


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