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Ministry of Finance shares new information about KSeF with businesses

  • The Ministry of Finance held a meeting on the National e-Invoice System (KSeF).
  • The Minister confirmed that the implementation date of KSeF will be announced after the technical audit is completed.
  • The final information will be provided in April or May.
  • The Ministry emphasized that there is no turning back from KSeF.
  • The Ministry does not plan to make changes to the e-invoice scheme or reporting rules, unless they are critical and suggested by businesses during consultations.
  • KSeF will definitely be implemented, and the implementation date will be announced between April and May.
  • The critical errors in KSeF are related to its capacity and offline invoice sending functionality.
  • The legislative process regarding KSeF will be completed by the end of June.
  • Technical regulations and necessary documents will be published and consulted with businesses.
  • The Ministry aims to conduct consultations in four working groups: accountants and IT, large and medium-sized companies + local government units, small and micro companies + flat-rate farmers, and a group dedicated to training, informational materials, and communication.
  • Feedback on the structure of the working groups should be submitted by the following Wednesday, and the final guidelines and registration rules will be published on February 9th.
  • The Ministry does not plan any changes to the structured invoice scheme and tax areas.


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