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Consultations on the Implementation of KSeF to Begin Soon

  • Consultations regarding the implementation of KSeF will soon begin
  • Minister of Finance Andrzej Domański assures that KSeF will definitely be implemented
  • On February 9th, the Ministry of Finance will announce the schedule for consultations on legal solutions and functionalities of the KSeF system
  • A new mandatory date for using KSeF will be determined based on analysis and audit processes in April and May
  • Practical training on using free software for issuing e-invoices will be available in each of the 400 tax offices starting from April and May
  • The meeting aimed to summarize the previous cooperation and present the principles and schedule of further actions
  • Detailed consultation plans for implementing the National e-Invoice System in Poland will be announced on February 9th
  • The consultations will be conducted in a hybrid format to facilitate participation for all interested parties
  • Answers to questions from entrepreneurs will be gradually provided on the KSeF website starting from February 9th
  • The mandatory implementation of KSeF will definitely happen
  • Analytical work and audit processes will continue alongside the consultations to determine a new mandatory date for using KSeF
  • The Ministry will consider the costs for entrepreneurs when analyzing proposed changes
  • Intensive training sessions will be conducted in each of the 400 tax offices starting from April and May
  • The training will be supported by an information campaign


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