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SNI Webinar: E-Compliance Insights: Navigate Romania’s New e-Invoice System with SNI (Feb 7)

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SNI is delighted to invite you to a webinar on February 7 with the focus on E-Compliance Insights: Navigate Romania’s New e-Invoice System with SNI.

Join our webinar to explore:
* Implementation Timeline: Overview of the timeline for the introduction and implementation of the e-Invoice system.
* Regulatory Insights of e-invoice and Transport: In-depth exploration of entities mandated to comply, the overall scope of the regulations, and the technical intricacies involved.
* System Operations: Detailed explanation of the operational aspects of both the e-Invoice and e-Transport systems, emphasizing their functionality.
* SNI’s Supportive Role: Insight into the role of SNI Romania Solution in facilitating seamless communication and interaction within the e-compliance framework.

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