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DAC7 Directive: New Obligations for Digital Platform Operators

  • Directive DAC7, also known as the DAC7 directive, aims to combat tax avoidance in online transactions.
  • The implementation deadline for DAC7 into national law was December 31, 2022, but Poland has not yet implemented the necessary law.
  • The Ministry of Finance is currently working on a new version of the law introducing DAC7.
  • DAC7 imposes reporting and procedural obligations on digital platform operators.
  • These obligations apply to platforms that facilitate the sale of goods, rental of properties and transportation, and provision of services.
  • The obligations also apply to operators outside the EU if they operate within the EU.
  • The obligations include collecting and verifying seller data, conducting due diligence procedures, and reporting information to relevant authorities.
  • Reporting must be done by January 31 of the following year and includes details such as seller compensation and property information.
  • If sellers do not cooperate, operators may withhold payment or block further sales.
  • DAC7 does not introduce additional taxes, but rather reporting obligations to identify entities engaging in more than occasional private sales.
  • Poland has not yet implemented DAC7 into national law, despite the deadline.


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