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RTC Webinar – Embracing Poland’s e-Invoicing Revolution: Preparing for July 2024 (Nov 28)

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Date & Time: Nov 28, 2PM CET
  • As the landscape of business transactions evolves, Poland stands on the brink of a significant shift: the introduction of mandatory e-invoicing for B2B interactions from July 1, 2024.
  • In every shift of regulations, being well-equipped with information is crucial. Join us for a comprehensive webinar where we will shed light on:
    • Overview of the e-Invoicing Obligation: Understand the why, what, and when of this mandate. Key dates and milestones will be highlighted to aid in your preparations.
    • Legal & Regulation Deep Dive: We’ll take an elaborative look into the regulatory requirements, ensuring that you’re not just compliant, but also confident in navigating the new e-invoicing environment.
    • Business Preparation & Implementation: Discover how to seamlessly integrate your current operations, making the transition not only smooth but also advantageous for your business.
    • Q&A Session: Address your concerns, ask questions, and get clarity from our panel of experts.
  • This is more than just a change in invoicing; it’s a revolution in how businesses will transact and maintain records. Stay ahead of the curve, understand the nuances of the mandate, and explore solutions tailored for ease and efficiency.
  • With RTC team’s rich experience and mastery in the regulatory tax compliance, this webinar promises to be a treasure trove of insights, ensuring you stay not just compliant, but also a step ahead.
  • Whether you’re new to the realm of e-invoicing or seeking to refine your existing knowledge, this session is designed to equip and empower.
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