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The State of Electronic Invoicing in Panama

  • Panama introduced electronic invoicing in 2016 through the Panamanian Electronic Invoicing System (SFEP), which has four phases: Design, Construction, Voluntary Pilot Plan, and Massification.
  • As of July 1, 2021, the SFEP has entered the voluntary massification phase. The SFEP is regulated by Executive Decree No. 367 and complies with the technical specifications set out in the Technical File. Law 256 mandates that all new Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) must use PAC e-Invoices for invoicing starting January 1, 2023. Resolution No. 201-9775, effective November 9, 2023, requires Authorized Certification Providers (PACs) to report affiliation to Electronic Invoice Issuers through a specific Web Service (WS). Companies must complete and submit a Sworn Statement of Adoption “SFEP” and a Sworn Statement of Authorized Representative Request for electronic signature withdrawal on the e-tax2.0 platform.
  • After submitting the statement, companies have between 90 and 120 days to fully implement their invoicing system and pass certification tests established by the DGI. Once the tests are passed, the PAC must report through the Affiliation Web Service that the company has successfully completed the certification process.
  • The taxpayer must confirm the affiliation of their PAC directly on the e-tax2.0 platform. Compliance with Resolution No. 201-9775 is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure efficient management of electronic fiscal documents.

Source Edicom

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