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VAT Direct Initiative: MATAN and FIRS Collaborate on Seamless VAT Collection in Informal Sector

  • The Market Traders Association of Nigeria (MATAN) is partnering with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) on a VAT collection initiative called VAT DIRECT INITIATIVE (VDI).
  • The initiative aims to simplify VAT payment and remittance processes for market traders and the informal sector through a digital platform.
  • MATAN members will receive an ID card containing their Tax Identification Number to track VAT accrued from their business activities.
  • The implementation of the VAT Direct Initiative is expected to increase VAT revenue generation for all tiers of government.
  • The initiative will combat multiple taxations in the marketplace and work with security agencies to address the activities of touts and self-imposed tax collectors.
  • The collaboration between FIRS and MATAN signals good intentions for a progressive Nigeria.
  • The move is timely as a survey indicates that the informal sector pays VAT but has no record with the appropriate government functionaries.
  • MATAN will provide digital ID and VAT trackers to ensure seamless payment of VAT.
  • The initiative aims to remedy the issue of VAT funds going into the wrong hands instead of the Federal Government coffers.


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