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Italy Implements New Reporting Obligations for Payment Service Providers to Combat VAT Fraud

  • Italy has implemented new reporting obligations for payment service providers to combat VAT fraud.
  • The President of the Republic has reviewed various laws and regulations related to government activities, participation in EU legislation, and data protection.
  • The directive (UE) 2020/284 and regulations (UE) n. 904/2010 and 2020/283 are relevant to the fight against VAT fraud.
  • The President has also considered directives and regulations related to payment services, banking, and tax sanctions.
  • The proposal for these new reporting obligations was approved by the Council of Ministers.
  • The relevant parliamentary commissions have provided their opinions on the matter.
  • The proposal was made by the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policies, and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, in collaboration with the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the Minister of Justice.


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