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Brussels relies on payment companies to combat VAT fraud

  • The European Union plans to tackle VAT fraud through a central database.
  • Payment service providers will be required to report international transactions from next year.
  • Concerns have been raised that the measure is too broad and that many countries are not ready for it.
  • Payment companies are required to register and report payment data from 1 January, regardless of the amount.
  • The Dutch Banking Association has raised concerns about exempt services being included in the reporting requirement.
  • The size of the VAT fraud in the EU has decreased in recent years.
  • Some EU countries have not yet completed their national legislation for the reporting requirement.
  • Uncertainty remains about how certain EU countries will receive the required payment data.
  • The implementation of the reporting requirement in other EU countries may affect businesses.
  • Dutch banks and the Dutch Tax Authority are ready for the central database, but reporting must be done to the tax authority of the recipient country.


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