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UAE FTA Clarifies Reverse Charge Mechanism on Electronic Devices for VAT-registered Entities

  • UAE FTA released VAT Public Clarification (VATP034) on Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) on Electronic Devices
  • RCM is effective from 30 October 2023
  • RCM is applicable to VAT-registered entities in the UAE for certain Electronic Devices
  • Suppliers do not charge VAT on supplies, recipients account for the tax due
  • RCM only applies in B2B transactions for devices intended for resale or production
  • Mobile phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, and their components are included, while other electronic items are excluded from RCM
  • Ministerial Decision No. 262 of 2023 establishes criteria for VAT treatment of Components related to Electronic Devices
  • Components necessary for operation or production of Electronic Devices are subject to RCM
  • Components that enhance functioning but are not necessary or SIM cards are not subject to RCM
  • Sellers and buyers may need to include contractual language in written declarations to mitigate risks
  • Input VAT is not deductible for the buyer if RCM is not applied by the seller.

Source: Aurifer

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