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Malta Introduces Reduced VAT Rate for Short Term Charters of Pleasure Yachts

  • Malta has introduced a reduced VAT rate on the hiring of pleasure yachts.
  • The reduced rate of 12% will apply to short term charters starting from January 1, 2024.
  • The reduced rate is subject to certain criteria being fulfilled.
  • This change is implemented through the Legal Notice 231 of 2023, which amends the Eighth Schedule to the Malta Value Added Tax Act.
  • The aim of this change is to promote the hiring of pleasure yachts in Malta.
  • It is expected to attract more tourists and boost the local economy.
  • The reduced VAT rate will make Malta a more competitive destination for yacht charters.
  • This move is part of Malta’s efforts to develop its maritime sector and attract more yacht owners and operators to the country.


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