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Government Considers VAT Exemption for Energy Sector to Reduce Refund Bill

  • The Trinidad and Tobago government owes around $7 billion in VAT refunds, with $6 billion owed to the energy sector and the remaining amount owed to non-energy sectors.
  • Finance Minister Colm Imbert is considering exempting the energy sector from VAT in order to reduce the refund bill.
  • Imbert also mentioned the possibility of implementing a sales tax to solve the refund issue, but acknowledged that this would come with its own challenges.
  • The government plans to prioritize payment to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) next.
  • Imbert emphasized the importance of focusing on the manufacturing sector, which creates resources and exports.
  • He mentioned the need for an outreach program to make businesses aware of compliance processes.
  • Imbert expressed his preference for a sales tax over VAT, as it would eliminate the need for refunds.
  • The government recently increased the minimum wage by $3 per hour.
  • The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) expressed satisfaction with the government’s focus on the non-energy sector but emphasized the importance of timely implementation of policies and incentives.


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