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Public invoicing portal: what alternatives for managing your company’s invoices?

  • While the reform of the Electronic Invoice 2024-2026 fast approaching, companies must already anticipate the choice of an invoicing platform adapted to their needs. Failing to opt for the public invoicing portal (PPF), companies will have effective alternatives at their disposal to manage their invoices in compliance with legal obligations.
  • The French State is introducing the Public Billing Portal (PPF) as part of the generalization of electronic invoicing.
  • From July 2024, the PPF will allow organizations to issue and receive electronic invoices, track the life cycle of each invoice issued, and send all mandatory data to the tax authorities.
  • Private players, such as partner dematerialization platforms (PDP), will be authorized to send invoices to their recipients and the invoicing and transaction to the administration.
  • Companies will be required to choose at least one public or private platform for receiving their electronic invoices before July 1, 2024.
  • A PDP has advantages over the PPF, including the ability to send and receive invoices outside the framework of e-invoicing, support many input or output invoice formats, offer specific compliance checks for the validation of invoices, and provide other control functionalities.

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