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Sovos/PwC Webinar – Recorded session – New E-invoicing Requirements in France and Poland (2024)/ViDA

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Europe is leading the way with its acceleration to CTCs. The European Commission recently launched it’s VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) proposal and some of Europe’s largest economies, including France and Poland, have laid out their plans to implement mandatory CTC e-invoicing mandates.

At their heart, CTC e-invoicing mandates are about data. Tax authorities are requiring transactional data from business source systems in real or near-real time. Ensuring accuracy, quality and transparency of all invoicing data will be crucial for companies operating in the region.

Lack of preparation and implementation may result in significant business disruption such as cash flow damage and high tax risk. It is imperative therefore that businesses prepare for this change in advance.

Join partners PwC and Sovos in our latest webinar which will cover:

  1.  New e-Invoicing regulations
    • What is ViDA and how will it affect business?
    • What does this mean for countries already mandating change like France and Poland.
    • Overview of the e-invoicing requirements in France and Poland.
  2. Introduction to Sovos e-invoicing functionalities
    • Sovos e-Invoicing functionality and coverage for France and Poland.
  3. VAT Returns & SAF-T Reporting in France and Poland.
    • Sovos coverage and roadmap overview
  4. PwC-Sovos cooperation model
    • How we can help you tackling technical aspects and business challenges?

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