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SNI Podcast: Poland e-Invoicing

  • Poland’s e-Invoicing implementation is being gradually implemented in three phases: testing, voluntary, and mandatory.
  • B2B e-Invoicing will be mandatory for all VAT-registered taxpayers in Poland, including inter-community and cross-border transactions, by July 2024.
  • Taxpayers who participate in the voluntary period will receive benefits such as faster VAT refunds and simplified tax and reporting obligations.
  • The required format for e-Invoices is XML, and a KSeF number will be assigned by the tax authority for validation.
  • Authentication can be done using digital signature, trusted signature, digital seal, or authorization token.
  • Invoices from cash registers can be issued in their current form until December 31, 2024, and consumer invoices (B2C) will not be covered by KSeF.
  • Corrected invoices must contain a reference KSeF invoice number.

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