UAE Excise Tax: New Clarification for Registration of Warehouse Keeper

There are more than 45 active free zones in the UAE and some of them are listed as designated zones by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) for VAT purposes. As per the UAE tax regulations, every designated zone in the country needs to have an appointed warehouse keeper to oversee its operation as well as to ensure the designated zone complies with all the conditions and security requirements. However, the warehouse keeper must register with the FTA to oversee the operations of the designated zone.

The FTA has set out several conditions and requirements to register as a warehouse keeper as well as to register or renew the registration of a designated zone. The Authority has recently issued a Public Clarification in this regard (EXTP010), which will come into effect from April 1st 2023. In this article, we will provide you with more information on the conditions and requirements detailed in the Public Clarification. Tax agents in the UAE can provide you with further guidance on the matter. Keep reading to gain more insights:

  • Who Is a Warehouse Keeper as per EXP010?
  • How to Register as a Warehouse Keeper?
  • Conditions to Register a Designated Zone for Excise Tax
  • Renewal of the Designated Zone’s Registration
  • Hire the Best Tax Agents in Dubai for all your Excise Tax Needs



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