Sovos webinar: Improving Compliance Data Quality with Automated VAT Determination for SAP (Jan 25)

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In today’s digital age, accurate tax determination is the foundation upon which compliance quality is built. Cross-border trade and complex supply chains create complicated VAT transactions, and without complete transparency, you may be unaware of the compliance risk created by errors in your data.

Limitations in SAP functionality mean custom coding is often required to achieve reliable determination decisions, but customisation has cost and maintenance implications across IT, finance and tax departments.

Automating your VAT determination with a powerful SAP add-on creates clarity in your data and allows issues to be resolved up-front, meaning accurate data is passed to downstream processes, reducing your overall compliance risk.

In this webinar, Martin Grote, Vice President of European VAT Determination at Sovos, will cover:

  • The advantages of SAP add-on module integration over a traditional tax engine – i.e., add-on versus bolt-on solutions
  • How a best practice approach to automated VAT determination can provide certainty in VAT decisions and support the journey to real-time reporting
  • How integrated VAT analytics can help ensure the accuracy of your data and support the resolution of errors
  • The benefits of automated VAT ID validation for effective invoice processing and reporting

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