SLIM VAT 3 package adopted by the government

  • SLIM VAT 3 is another package of solutions aimed at facilitating the settlement of tax on goods and services.
  • The package implements many postulates submitted to the Ministry of Finance by entrepreneurs.
  • We offer, among others simpler invoicing, reduction of formalities and improvement of financial liquidity of companies.

Thanks to the new solutions, running a business from the point of view of VAT settlement will be much easier and less time-consuming. We are increasing the sale value limit entitling you to have the status of a small taxpayer. It will increase from EUR 1.2 million to EUR 2 million. Thanks to this, the number of entrepreneurs who will be able to use the cash accounting method and quarterly VAT settlement will increase

 – said Deputy Minister of Finance Artur Soboń.

The proposed changes can be divided into several areas:

  • Improving the financial liquidity of companies

We are increasing the sales value limit of a small taxpayer to EUR 2 million, which will increase the number of taxpayers entitled to use the cash accounting method and quarterly VAT settlements.

We are expanding the possibility of using funds on the VAT account – they will also be used to pay the tax on the extraction of certain minerals, the tax on retail sales, the so-called sugar tax, shipbuilding tax, monkey tax and tonnage tax.

  • Reduction of formalities in international trade

We resign from the requirement to have an invoice for intra-Community acquisition of goods (WNT) when deducting input tax on this account. We are introducing regulations that enable submitting corrections to declarations outside the OSS and IOSS systems directly to the Łódź Tax Office.

  • Fewer corrections and friendly VAT settlement

We clarify the rules for applying the conversion rate for correcting invoices when the invoice was issued in a foreign currency.

We introduce the possibility of resigning from the correction if the difference between the preliminary and final proportion does not exceed 2 pp 

We eliminate the obligation to agree with the head of the tax office in the form of a protocol of proportions to deduct input tax. Instead, we introduce a requirement to notify the head of the tax office of the adopted proportion.

We are increasing the amount allowing for recognizing that the proportion of deduction specified by the taxpayer is 100%, in a situation where this proportion exceeded 98%, from the current PLN 500 to PLN 10,000. zloty. The change applies to taxpayers who carry out taxable and VAT-exempt activities as part of their business and enables the deduction of the entire VAT amount in the case of taxpayers for whom a significant part of the turnover is VAT-taxable activities.

We regulate the issues of transferring funds between VAT accounts in a group, i.e. we introduce the possibility of transferring funds from the VAT account of a group member to the VAT account of a representative of this group.

  • Simpler invoicing and fewer obligations

We are introducing simplifications in the field of reporting settlements regarding invoicing (e.g. adapting the conditions for issuing invoices to e-receipts) and keeping sales records using cash registers (e.g. the possibility of waiving the obligation to print fiscal documents by taxpayers). We are introducing a new electronic receipts distribution system.

  • Simpler and transparent access to tax knowledge

We consolidate the issuance of binding information by designating a single authority competent to issue WIS, WIA, BTI and WIP.

We unify the regulations on the rules for issuing and using WIS and WIA, i.e. binding information of a national nature. We eliminate the fees for the application for the issuance of WIS.

  • More effective management of state budget expenses

We are introducing a review of expenditures into the public finance system.

We resign from the obligatory issuance by the tax authorities of decisions on crediting the payment / overpayment / tax refund against tax arrears and interest for late payment.

We plan that the SLIM VAT3 package will come into force on April 1, 2023.



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