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Pagero Webinar – (Re-)evaluating your e-invoicing strategy (Feb 2, 2023)

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The e-invoicing obligations are expanding globally and changing rapidly. How do you ensure your e-invoicing solutions are compliant with the latest requirements?

With many governments now mandating e-invoicing with CTC model(s), and the European Commission announcing the ViDA initiative whereby e-invoicing may become the ‘default’ billing process in the EU, it is crucial for companies to constantly monitor and react to the changes. This is especially important for businesses operating in different regions.

Join our webinar with PwC Belgium, in which we dive into the points below to help you stay atop and ahead of the requirements.

You will learn:

● How to navigate the complex regulatory landscape

● Different approaches towards e-invoicing and CTC compliance

● Setting an effective compliance strategy for your business operations


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